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Kuršumlijska Banja - Kuršumlijska Spa

Kursumlijska Banja (Kursumlija Spa) is situated in the south of Serbia, at the height of 442 m above sea level.

There are the possibilities of visiting the town of Kursumlija and Djavolja Varos (the Devil's City), a unique natural phenomenon of erosive origin.

Djavolja VarosThis attractive monument created by nature is composed of 202 earth pyramids, high from 2 to 15 meters and wide from 0.5 to 3 meters with stone caps at the top. With their appearance, size, number and position they represent a natural rarity of European and world significance and attract attention of tourists as well as of scientists and artists.

In Djavolja Varos there is also an utterly rare hydrologic phenomenon in the world - the two extremely mineralized and acid springs. One is located high on the hill and the local people call it the Devil's Water.

The guests of the Spa have at their disposal swimming pool and footpaths.

Curative Factors:
Thermal and mineral waters of Kursumlijska Banja have the temperature between 15 and 63 degrees Centigrade.

Recommended for:
Locomotion apparatus disorders, rheumatic and degenerative diseases, gynecological diseases.

Treatment Methods:
Hydro electro, sonic, magnetic and laser therapies.

Bathing in and sprinkling with mineral water, medicinal mud coating and bathing.

Information and accommodation:

Tourist Office of Kursumlija
Kosovska 17, 18430 Kursumlija
Phone: +381 27/ 380 961, 380 963
Fax: +381 27/ 381 785, 360 961

Zavod za prevenciju invalidnosti i rehabilitaciju "Zubor"
18435 Kursumlijska Banja
Phone: +381 27/ 381 117, 381 481
Fax: +381 27/ 381 420

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