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Zvonačka Banja - Zvonačka Spa

Zvonacka Banja (Zvonacka Spa) is situated in the southeast of Serbia, at the height of 670 m above sea level.

Untouched nature, numerous streams and rivers, as well as the fresh air, offer exceptional possibilities for a pleasant holiday, hunting and fishing. The surroundings of the Spa are rich with medicinal herbs.

One of the attractions of Zvonacka Banja is the gray eagle, which for many years nest on the high rocks above the Spa.
Various karst forms of relief, canyons of the rivers Jerma and Blatnica, caves and rocks of marvelous shape represent a unique natural attraction.

In the surroundings of the Spa there are a medieval fortress Arsenovo Kale, monastery Poganovo (14 c.) and monastery Sveti Nikola Planinicki (17 c. - St. Nicholas monastery).

In the Spa there are two indoor and one open-air swimming pool as well as basketball, volleyball fields and a tennis court.

Curative Factors:
The temperature of the mineral waters is 28 degrees Centigrade.

Recommended for:
Rheumatic and degenerative diseases, neuropsychiatric diseases, high blood pressure and climacteric discomforts.

Treatment Methods:
Drinking and bathing in the mineral water.

Information and accommodation:

UTP "Srbija"
Srpskih vladara bb, 18300 Pirot
Phone: +381 10/ 332 522, 332 493
Fax: +381 10/ 332 493

Hotel "Mir"(***)
18333 Zvonacka Banja
Phone: +381 10/ 87 530
Fax: +381 10/ 87 450

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