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Banja Kanjiža - Kanjiža Spa

Banja Kanjiza (Kanjiza Spa) is situated in the northern part of Serbia and it is at the height of 87 m above sea level.

In 1908 the inhabitants of Old Kanjiža discovered a well on the nearby pasture that contained miraculous water and named it "The Miraculous Well". People started taking baths in that water and drinking it and its healing properties were discovered. The nearby mud also had healing properties.The city government had soon built the artifical lake for bathing and thas was the beginning of organized use of this gift of nature.

KanjizaOn the banks of the Tisa River is a park suitable for long walks and relaxation, and the river itself is suitable for water sports and fishing. From Kanjiza, visits are organized to the nearby town of Subotica, the Palic Lake and Spa, as well as to "Zobnatica", a horse farm ...

According to the archeological findings, along the coastal region of the town of Kanjiza there are traces of human settlements. The oldest settlements on the Kanjiza territory date back to the Neolithic time while the more recent ones are from the Bronze Age.

For the guests recreation, there are two indoor swimming pools, sauna bath, solarium, sport hall, tennis courts and soccer fields in Kanjiza.

One very enterprising citizen, Mr. Hermann Grünfeld, got a concession from the municipal officials for using the healing water and decided to built, in the middle of the big park in Kanjiža, an artesian bath in 1913, which exsists to day in the Center and is called "Abella".

Medical Indications
In the Center, patients who suffer from degenerative, chronic, inflammatory or extra--articulary rheumatism in an innactive phase, that is after the injuries that affect motor function or peripheral nervous system or after the surgery on bones or joints, receive rehabilitation treatment. There is a special children's rehabilitation treatment.

Rehabilitation is conducted under the supervision of team of doctors specialist and the latest medical doctrines with the aid of natural remedy factors - mineral water and healing mud - peloid.

Hydrotherapies: mineral baths, pearl baths, therapeutic pool, hydrogalvanic bath, four-cell-galvanic bath, HAUFFE bath, underwater spine extension , inhalation

Electrotherapies: voltaic currents, exsponential currents, diadinamic currents, shortwave diathermy, ultrasound, electrotherapy, electrophoresis, interferent currents with or without vacuum electrodes, magnetotherapy

Thermotherapies: mud bath, mud coating, paraffin coating

Mechanotherapies: hand massage, appliance massage, cryotherapy

Kinaesytherapies: active exercises, active-supportive exercises, passive exercises


Other med. services: Screening medical examinations with the aim of early, breast and pelvis cancer, Early detection of digestive and urinary tract diseases, and medical examinations of cardiovascular system, Neurosurgical medical examinations, Orthopedic medical examination for children and adults, Internal-medicine medical examinations, Neuropsychiatric medical examinations,ltrasound diagnostic, Preventive rehabilitation and convalescence of workers, and retired persons

In the "AQUAMARIN" facility there are two indoor pools with thermal water and their dimensions are 25m x 12,5m and 10m x 8m. The bigger poolshas sufficient depth for swimming. Apart from patients, citizens use them as well, for recreational purposes.

There is also a sauna, that is a steam bath and trim-cabinet,with provided professional supervision.
There is a possibility for organized trips to the Palic lake, Ludaš lake, Zobnatica horse farm etc. In the summer months there are organized lunches for the patients of the Center on the bank of the river Tisa.

Curative Factors:
Kanjiza is rich with thermal-mineral waters - their temperature is from 20 to 65 degrees Centigrade, and with mineral mud.

Recommended for:
Rheumatic and neurological diseases, post-traumatic conditions,

Treatment Methods:
Hydro, peloid, electro, sonic, kinaesy and laser therapies.
Bathing in mineral water, medicinal mud coating and bathing.

Special Programmes:
Anti-stress center.

Information and accommodation:

Centre for Specialized Rehabilitation "Banja Kanjiza"
Narodni park bb, 24420 Kanjiza
Phone: +381 24/ 874 725, 874 715
Fax: +381 24/ 874 810
E-mail: banjaknz@eunet.yu , banjamar@eunet.yu

Hotel "Akvamarin"(***)
Narodni park bb, 24420 Kanjiza
Phone: +381 24/ 873 163
Fax: +381 24/ 874 810

Hotel "Abela"
Narodni park bb, 24420 Kanjiza
Phone: +381 24/ 874 445, 871 027
Fax: +381 24/ 871 810

Apartment Complex "Ana"
24420 Kanjiza
Phone: +381 24/ 875-163

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