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ON THE JOURNEY WITH YOU FOR 60 YEARS National association of travel agencies of Serbia – YUTA was founded on April 16th, 1954.
Today it gathers 264 full members (travel agencies and tour operators) which perform over 90 % turnover of
organized travel packages in Serbia and 76 affiliated members (hotel companies, transport companies, educational institutions, ensurance companies...).
YUTA represents and protects the interests of its members in public institutions, national and international organizations, media…
YUTA has an important role in creating proposals for adopting and improving regulations which define the
tourism sector.
Following trends and changes on the travel market, YUTA, as being a representative association of travel agencies, gives the opportunity to its members to make permanent improvement of their business and human resources, by organizing various educations.
High standards and quality in business of our members are recognized by travelers. Arbitration Court of YUTA
contributes to the protection of travelers and their rights.
In 2012. YUTA has become a full member of the most prestigious Group of European Travel Agents’ and Tour
Operators’ Associations within the EU - ECTAA, which is situated in Brussels. ECTAA gathers national associations of travel agents and tour operators of 26 EU Member States, of 2 EU accession countries (Serbia and Montenegro), as well Switzerland and Norway.



The members of YUTA are the travel agencies registered for performing travel-agency activities with the status of founder, as well as other travel agencies that meet the required quality standards with the full membership status. Furthermore, the agencies and associations of travel agencies of the Balkan region (Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina) are also our members as well as the recently formed Balkan Federation of the Travel Agencies’ Association (BAFTAA) the aim of which is joint promotion and market placement of the Balkan tourist supply.

Travel agencies with the seat outside of Serbia’s territory may also become YUTA members.

Companies, associations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in complementary activities of tourist economy (transportation, hotel management, education, insurance, tourist guidance etc.) have the status of an affiliated, i.e. an honorary member in YUTA with the purpose of creating a high-quality tourist product in our country, based on the economic interests of all the participants engaged in creating and placing the tourist supply on the market.

Today, the largest number of travel agencies in Serbia, almost four hundred of them, are YUTA members and they perform over 95% of organized domestic and foreign tourist turnover.


All YUTA members must meet General and Special YUTA standards, which represent a prerequisite and a guarantee of quality of tourist services and the protection guarantee for both the tourists and business associates, as well as for the members themselves.

We defined the vision and the mission of the further development of YUTA, as a representative business association and a leader in this field, as a place where all relevant prerequisites for the development of both receptive and initiative tourism are sublimed, coordinated and commenced, which are based on economic interests of travel agencies and complementary activities of tourist economy and their associations.

In order to achieve such important goals, the organizational structure of YUTA is established in such way that unites in the most adequate manner all the initiatives, ideas, problems and realizes solution proposals through administrative bodies (the General Meeting, Management Board etc.) and working bodies (arbitration, regional coordinators and chapters, groups, boards, committees, etc.) at the local, regional, national and international level.

On behalf of its members YUTA is especially engaged in performing and accomplishing the following tasks and duties:
1. Examines the domestic and foreign markets and undertakes necessary measures for improving the placement of the tourist supply of its members;
2. Establishes the terms of joint appearance of its members on the foreign markets and in that respect:
(a) develops joint programmes
(b) adjusts special programmes and
(c) sets unique regional conditions and tariffs for specific services on the domestic and foreign markets;
3. Sets the conditions for tourist affairs’ performance in accordance with YUTA standards;
4. Develops and carries out joint programmes of promotion for domestic and foreign market (printing of joint editions, tariff tables, address books, bulletins, information, price lists etc.); also enables joint appearance of its members at fairs, congresses, celebrations and other tourist and similar events in the country and abroad;
5. Establishes cooperation with national and foreign tourist associations and organizations and represents general group and individual interests of certain members
6. Develops and improves cooperation with other participants in the tourist traffic (service sector, transportation, hotels and other organizations and associations);
7. Organizes scientific researches and vocational training of workers employed with its members (seminars, training courses, lectures, development of studies, elaborations and projects etc.)
8. Observes and proposes the adoption of new regulations important for the business activity of its members.
9. Coordinates and observes the application of management regulations with the purpose of repressing unfair competition and monopoly in domestic and foreign markets, preventing the cases of unprofessional performance etc.

At this point, we would like to stress that YUTA website (www.yuta.rs, the unique and the most visited tourist site in our country) provides quick and efficient communication with YUTA members, as well as their presence on the tourist market in the country and abroad, and enables the tourists to obtain comprehensive information, direct communication with the agencies and the possibility of online booking of the desired travel programme.

Together with the associations from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, BiH, Albania and Macedonia, YUTA initiated the foundation of the Balkan Federation of Travel Agencies’ Association – BAFTAA, thus becoming its founder and member. The principal intention of BAFTAA, which has been already registered in Athens, is tourist promotion and valorization of potentials and supply of the Balkan unique tourist region by introducing joint projects, standards, appearances on other markets and adjustment and liberalization of legislation with the purpose of achieving more efficient tourist traffic.


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